325.00 EUR

Artwork Type: Original drawing
Media: Color pencils and pencil
Paper: Canson sketch paper(matt texture), 90gsm
Size: 19.6 x 14.8cm
Framing: Unframed
Year of Creation: 2023

The drawing will be signed by the artist(Furze Chan).
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Words from Furze:
Shokupan (食パン) is the Japanese version of sandwich bread or Pullman loaf. The characteristics of this bread are its delicate texture and subtly sweet taste.

For me, shokupan is my initial reason to learn bread-making. Shokupan is extra moist, fluffy and soft comparing to all the other breads. Some bakers even adds tangzhong(or yudane) to the dough to achieve a delicate texture.

This beautiful shokupan loaf was baked by me. But the success only came in after half a year of trial and errors. Everything plays a roll in the bread. A little more or less of a certain ingredient can bring dramatic effects to the resulting texture. Achieving accuracy in bread-baking yet to remain experimental is such an interesting thing for me. For example, this bread contains 90% of strong white flour and 10% of strong whole wheat flour. In this way, the bread will hold itself in a better shape while being moist and soft. Also, almond milk was used instead of cow milk to bring a slightly toasted flavour.

This drawing was made by colour pencils. As the texture of shokupan is delicate and soft, the texture was obtained by a long repeating process through layers and layers of observing, drawing and erasing. Just like to bake a beautiful loaf of bread, patience is always the powerful key.